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Coral Tree Productions

Los Angeles Based Documentary Filmmakers

Trevor Lestak is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

He was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California, where he grew his passions for photography and creative media. He has a degree in environmental science and film from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Trevor’s passion for environmental issues stem from his love for the outdoors. Countless hours spent hiking, paddle boarding, off roading, exploring, and traveling have instilled him with a deep desire to share and protect incredible, wild places around the world.

Trevor hopes to dovetail his love for the outdoors with his passion for filmmaking and photography to tell environmental stories around the world.
Sara Battersby is a filmmaker from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California.

She was born in Berkeley, California, where her earliest exposure to the social and environmental justice movements burgeoned into a larger lifelong mission. She was raised in Claremont, California, where her involvement in these issues grew substantially.

She has a degree in environmental science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Sara hopes to use her unique take on life to tell powerful stories about the natural and social worlds through documentary film.
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